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Over the past 35+ years, Qessential Medical Market Research has helped hundreds of pharmaceutical, medical technology, and related clients succeed by better understanding their customers and their marketplaces so they can make better, more informed decisions. We have enabled clients to find answers to the essential questions that have changed their businesses in profound and lasting ways. A few of these examples are detailed below.


What is the potential for a new concept technology among non-surgeon physicians?

Key words: physician market preferences, in-person qualitative, online quantitative, start-up fundraising

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How can physicians communicate with patients for better outcomes?

Key words: physician and patient market preferences, online quantitative, multivariate analysis

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What factors are most important in driving product selection?

Key words: physician market preferences, online quantitative, decision makers, factor analysis

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“Qessential is my absolute first choice for a recruiting partner for health care professionals! My experience with their team has been phenomenal. Not only do they have fantastic databases of the HCPs my clients want to hear from, but their team is also friendly, responsive, and collaborative. Unlike other recruiters I’ve tried, Qessential has great standard operating procedures to stay in touch with HCPs to ensure they show up to scheduled interviews enabling me to run my schedule efficiently.”

- Founder & CEO, Jonquil Ridge Innovation

“I choose QMMR for many reasons. First, and most important, is their ability to find high quality and difficult to recruit, respondents. Second is consistently applying and maintaining a high standard and never compromising the requirements to simply wrap a project up. That combined with a team that is as dedicated as they are friendly, make a wonderful partner.”

- Vice President, Global Publishing Company

“Qessential expedited the results we needed for a strategic decision. Excellent work!”

- Head of US Insights and Analytics, Global Pharmaceutical Company

“QMMR is my go-to trusted partner for Healthcare TDIs. Above all others they are a pleasure to work with as a client and as a partner. I trust in their feasibility estimates and the ability to deliver outstanding physicians and healthcare individuals for our market research needs. A true first round draft pick in the research space!”

- Senior Account Manager, Global Market Research Firm

“QMMR is my gold standard vendor when it comes to recruitment and project management. Their responsiveness, flexibility, and ability to get the job done quickly is unparalleled! I’ve worked with them for many years across a variety of medical categories and they always deliver and provide very high-quality respondents. They are an extremely valued resource for our market research team that I genuinely enjoy working with and would highly recommend (and have) to anyone in need of a partner!”

- Analyst Director, Marketing Research Firm

“Their respondents are always top-notch experts who actually show up to meetings, and the recruit team’s responsiveness can’t be beat anywhere.”

- President, Qualitative Moderation Firm

“The QMMR team is bar none one of the best in the industry to work with. We often have quite complex surgeon and HCP screening requirements, and QMMR knocks it out the park every time. The attention to detail, industry experience and dedication to quality is top notch throughout the organization (be that project managers, recruiters, the scheduling team, etc.) They are reliable and trusted partners, never over-promising but always over-delivering.”

- Project Manager, Marketing Research Firm

“For twenty years Qessential has been my trusted partner in medical device market research. Through their comprehensive access to health care professionals, their ability to customize recruiting to meet the unique needs of each project, and their competitive pricing I can reach respondents and glean valuable insights for my clients.”

- President, Medical Device Marketing Consultancy

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