Education Improvements

Improving Communication Between Physicians and Patients

Physicians want patients to be more healthy and comply with prescribed treatments. Determining the most effective messages and ways of communicating can have a profound affect on patient behaviors.

Case #136: Improving Physician Communications

Question A company offering a treatment for patients with a particular disease needed to better understand how communications between physicians and patients influence adoption and rejection of treatment options
Method Online surveys with 300 specialists and 300 patient respondents recruited using Adaptive Recruitment
Measures​ Thoughtfully crafted questionnaires designed to measure attitudes and behaviors engaged in by physicians and patients. Advanced analytics included factor analysis and predictive modeling using regression techniques to identify the drivers of satisfaction with physician-patient interactions and with successful outcomes.
Results​ 5-7 key areas for educational outreach were identified. Results of the study were presented at an Annual European Congress in Berlin, Germany.

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