Technology Concept Test

Discovering Potential Interest in New Concept Device among Non-Surgeons

New devices come on the market all the time. Getting physicians to try it is difficult, but long-term adoption can be multiple time more complicated. This study looked to determine if non-surgeons who typically would not perform any interventional back procedures would consider adopting a minimally invasive technique.

Case #54: Interest in Non-Surgical Back Pain Remedy

Question Better understand the potential interest among non-surgeon physicians in a new device for treating low back pain using a percutaneous implantation procedure.
Method A series of 12 in-person interviews with interventional radiologists and anesthesiologists treating chronic pain conducted in 2 major US cities. Interviews lasted 3 to 4 hours, and included in-depth discussion, a short survey, examination of a model of the medical device, and practice implanting the actual device in a cadaver.
Measures​ Interview and lab experience captured on high-def video for qualitative analysis by top Qessential analysts
Results​ Management-ready, video highlight reel highlighted a key new market adoption strategy that was presented to the board of directors and external investors, helping to secure another round of venture capital funding

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