Observant Research

Real-World Consultants

Our full-service Qessential Observant Research team takes on important research projects and produces top-notch results that make business decisions easier. With the team’s focused approach, we’re ready to find the essential answers you need most.

Wisdom for Hire

Real-World Consultants

Our teams have worked in medical device and pharmaceutical market research for decades. We know the technologies, the metrics that matter, and ways to ask questions that will elicit the deepest responses possible.

​We are experts in qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodology studies, having run hundreds of successful research projects on behalf of clients within the United States and globally.

​Our teams are razor-focused on providing insights with the most client value and tangible recommendations that can be executed in the real world.

Analyses That Matter

Advanced Analytics

We uncover important findings from complex patterns using rigorous data analysis and observant analytic techniques, including:

  • ​Choice Modeling & Conjoint Studies
  • Price Point & Sensitivity Analysis
  • Market Segmentation
  • Patient Flow Modeling
  • Market Sizing
  • Factor Analysis
  • Stated vs. Derived Importance
  • Key Driver Analysis
  • Competitive Perceptual Mapping
  • Correspondence Analysis
  • Messaging Effectiveness Studies
  • Brand Equity Assessment

Client Cases Where We Made A Difference

Just the right amount of intelligence can make a huge impact. As a boutique primary market research consultancy specializing in healthcare, Qessential knows the pressure points to making the right impact when it counts. Here are some examples.

Identifying the Most Important Factors in Device Selection
What factors are most important in driving product selection?
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New Concept Adoption
What is the potential for a new concept technology among non-surgeon physicians?
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“Qessential expedited the results we needed for a strategic decision. Excellent work!”

- Head of US Insights and Analytics, Global Pharmaceutical Company

“Qessential is our preferred market research partner. They put in that extra effort to inform us when timely and crucial business decisions need to be made!”

- Group Marketing Director, Global Medical Device Company

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When you’re trying to find a crucial healthcare marketing insight, and you can’t afford to get it wrong.

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