Adaptive Recruitment

Flexible & Powerful
Market Research Recruiting

The Qessential Adaptive Recruitment team finds the right market research respondents for your study using our flexible recruiting process and the Qessential Medical Network, one of the most comprehensive collections of U.S. health care professionals in existence.

Our Adaptive Process

Every one of our projects is custom-built. That allows us to work hand-in-hand with clients to find the exact experts needed for every phase of research.

  • We partner with clients to fine-tune screeners to identify the ideal respondents for each specific study.
  • Members of the Qessential team assess screener data in real time to ensure qualification and quota requirements.
  • A senior team member is the primary contact and is hands-on with every project.
  • Throughout the recruitment process, clients receive regular progress updates, including screener data for all respondents.
  • This high-service process is so powerful that many other research firms come to Qessential when their projects require solid, defensible samples.

Qessential Medical Network​

Our network has access to more than two million U.S. healthcare providers, administrators, and allied health professionals across dozens of specialties and sub-specialties.

High quality is why clients have selected our network over other sample sources. We custom-built our network over more than 30 years, allowing us to develop relationships with these professionals.

Many do not participate in market research studies outside of Qessential. In fact, many of our study respondents do not belong to any panel, making our sample frame much more unique than the competition.

Additionally, our deep understanding of the way these healthcare experts think, behave, and respond allows us to guide our clients to sample markets more effectively and successfully accomplish their market research goals where others often fail.

Our Expertise

Client Cases Where We Made A Difference

Talking to the right potential customers can make all the difference to the future of your business. Qessential is expert at selecting the right respondents to make market research projects succeed.

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“Qessential routinely offers expert advice on how best to find qualified respondents, and they consistently deliver high-quality results in a timely manner. It is not just a pleasure working with them, but also an efficient and successful business relationship.”

- President, Medical Device Marketing Consultancy

“Their respondents are always top notch experts who actually show up to meetings, and the recruit team’s responsiveness can’t be beat anywhere.”

- President, Qualitative Moderation Firm

”The Qessential Adaptive Recruiting team has never failed to execute in over 10 years of working with them on difficult qualitative projects.”

- President, Market Research Agency

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